Trooper Fitness offers 3 different tiers of fitness training services.
Click on the service you’re interested in for pricing and information:




Trooper Camps – Group Exercise (10+ Troopers)

Trooper Camps are high-energy, coach guided workouts that are very convenient and motivating. With great music and a great coach, you’ll leave our Trooper Camps feeling awesome knowing you had a great workout. Trooper Camp classes include:

  • Trooper Boot Camp
  • Trooper Strength Camp (Low Impact, low cardio, but very challenging)
  • Trooper Run Con Camp
  • Trooper TRX Training Camp
  • Trooper TKB Training Camp (TRX & Kettlebell)
  • Trooper Calisthenics Camp
  • Trooper Sports Con Camp
  • Trooper Met Con Camp

Trooper Camp Group Exercise Class Rates:

Trooper Camp Packages (No commit)

Class Cost Amount Per Session
1 $35 N/A
$150 $30
10 $275 $27.50


Trooper Camp Membership (3 month commit)

Sessions Per Month Monthly Rate Amount Per Session
4 $100 $25
8 $180 $22.50
12 $240 $20
16 UNLIMITED (Limited time special) $320 N/A


Trooper X-clusive Focus Training (4-10 Troopers)

Trooper X-clusive Focus Training delivers a more intimate training style than the group exercise classes, ensuring its troopers obtain individualized attention without sacrificing the concept of teamwork. It is arguably the best hybrid of personal training and group exercise classes.

  • Focus on Individual goals and progress
  • Gain motivation through teamwork and “friendly” competition
  • Learn innovative and effective workout drills and exercises
  • Train specifically for your goals (Develop class specific for your team’s goals)
Trooper X-clusive Focus Training includes:
  • Wedding Prep Training
  • Corporate Wellness Team Training
  • Family and Friends
  • Sports Teams (Athletes)
  • On or Off-site Training (We come to you)

…More to come

Trooper X-clusive Focus Training rate is $249 per session for the group – Contact to register. 

One-on-One Personal Training

Your health is your business, and like every business, you need a business plan. Realize the benefits and take advantage of having a professional workout routine customized specifically toward your goals and needs. Do this with a coach walking you through every step of the way, keeping your workout safe and effective through technique cuing and pushing you beyond your own mental barriers (we all have them).

  • Enjoy convenient one-on-one coaching
  • Gain motivation and build confidence
  • Learn safe and proven methods that take the guesswork out of your workout
  • Stimulate your workouts with new programs that evolve as your body changes
  • Avoid workout plateaus and ruts
  • Measure and track your progress through assessments and evaluations

One-on-one Personal Training Rates:

# of Sessions Cost Amount Per Session
1 $150 N/A
4 $560 $140
12 $1,560 $130
24 $2,880 $120


One-on-one Personal Training – 6 Month Commitment

6 Month Commitment with your Trooper Fitness Trainer ensures results and better rates.

Sessions/ month Cost Amount Per Session
1 $115 N/A
4 $440 $110
8 $840 $105
12 $1,200 $100