Trooper Prince- Prince Brathwaite

“When the going get TOUGH, TROOPERS GET TOUGHER.”

Trooper Prince is CEO and Trooper Fitness Founder.

  • NASM Corrective Ex
  • Certified Kettlebell Instructor (KBC)
  • AFAA Group Ex
  • Integrated Stretching (Annette Lang)

The Trooper Prince Effect:

  • High Intensity Interval Boot Camp Style Training.
  • Popular for his high intensity motivational style of boot camp training. Prince’s passion is inspiring people to succeed, particularly in fitness.
  • Since Prince was a young child, he has always been taught and still believes that anyone can achieve whatever one puts his/her mind to. Prince continues to remind his clients that “If you have a goal that you are passionate about, go for it… and don’t stop until you get it.” Those who train with Prince often wonder “How did you attain the level of fitness you have reached?” to which his reply is “ hard work, passion and persistence… along with a good plan of action, of course.”

What 3 exercises would Trooper Prince do for the rest of his life?


  1. Pull up (never know when you may be hanging and your life depends on a pull up)
  2. Power Clean to Thruster (involves pretty much all major muscle groups)
  3. Sprints (True sprinters always have awesome bodies)

What does Trooper Strong mean to Trooper Prince?

Trooperstrong is the ability to meet adversity head on with the unrelenting positive attitude that “I will not give up”. That #ALLWEKNOWISGO mindset!

Trooper JRO – Jen Romanelli

“If it’s BURNIN it’s WORKIN.”



Trooper JRO is one of our Fitness Nurse and Coach.

  • NASM
  • AFFA
  • RN

The Trooper JRO Effect:

As a nurse and personal trainer, being healthy and understanding one’s body mechanics is second nature for Trooper JRO Her experience lies in Athletic Sports Conditioning as a volleyball player and coach but has worked in the personal training space for 3 years, delivering tailored training solutions for injured clients during their recovery period to hard-core athletes looking for innovative training techniques.

What 3 exercises would Trooper JRO do for the rest of his life?

  1. Burpee because it’s one of the best total body workouts and can have a ton of variations by adding a plyo or pushup.
  2. Pullups; they are the most challenging for JRO but she is always up to pushing past obstacles.
  3. Squats: as a nurse having endurance, especially in your legs and core, is crucial. Squats help to promote strength in those legs to carry her through everyday life!

What does Trooper Strong mean to Trooper JRO?

According to Trooper JRO being Trooper Strong is a way of life; it’s a commitment to a stronger and more powerful you. It’s about seeing obstacles as opportunities for greatness. Her motto: Create a goal. Meet it head on. Set the bar higher. Repeat.

Trooper Flex- Rafique ‘Flex’ Cabral

“TWO CLAPS!”flex-action

Trooper Flex is one of our top Trooper Fitness Coaches.

  • AFAA Group Ex
  • RKC
  • TRX

The Trooper Flex Effect:

As a Trainer Trooper Flex has always led a very active lifestyle. After High School, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. Flex served 4 years active duty and traveled to various places around the world. While enlisted he learned multiple disciplines and earned the rank of Sergeant before leaving active duty.

His time in the military ignited his passion for motivating people and pushing them to achieve their best, which led him straight into personal training and group exercise.

Flex has coached people from the ages of 5 to 50+ and believes in leading a positive well balanced lifestyle. He Specializes in Athletic Performance Enhancement, Corrective Exercise, TRX Suspension Training and Kettlebells. Everyday his passion for fitness grows and he seeks to improve not only himself but those around him physically, mentally and spiritually. In his down time he partakes in rock climbing, break dancing and obstacle course races.

What 3 exercises would Trooper Flex do for the rest of his life?

  1. Kettlebell Swing
  2. Turkish Getup
  3. Pullup

What does Trooper Strong mean to Trooper Flex?

While in the Marines Flex experienced first hand the meaning of Hard Work, Dedication, Perseverance and Digging Deep. To him all of these add up to being Trooper Strong.

Trooper Nick P

“SUCCESS is all about what YOU put into it!”nickaction

  • M.A. Exercise Science
  • B.S. Physical Education
  • KBC kettle-bell instructor 1
  • NASM corrective exercise
  • AFFA group exercise instructor
  • TRX level one instructor

The Trooper NickEffect:

Adaptive! Able to work with anyone, athletes, corrective exercise, or just improving physical fitness. His goal is to push you to a new level.

What 3 exercises would Trooper Nick P do for the rest of his life?

  1. Squat- according to Trooper Nick it’s a great multifunctional movement that targets many muscle groups, joint stabilizers and core muscles
  2. Pull up- the king of upper body workouts. Do pulls ups can increase power , strength and Physical appearance in the upper body and core muscles
  3. Sprints. Great anaerobic exercise to increase stamina, speed and burn a ton of calories.

What does Trooper Strong mean to Trooper Nick P?

A trooper to me is someone who can overcome any obstacle that life can throw in ones way. Wether you can overcome a health problem, work stress, a family issue, or getting through a tough workout, prevailing victorious makes you a trooper.

Trooper Cris

“Effort equals Results”crisaction

  • NASM
  • TRX
  • EMT

The Trooper Cris Effect:

As a trainer Trooper Cris brings his sports mentality into training. Instilling the characteristics of a competitor into his clients. Through motivational talks and outside of training support, he taps into your potential and brings out a better you.

What 3 exercises would I do for the rest of my life?

  1. Front Squats – (Anterior Chain Killer)
  2. Deadlift – (Posterior Chain Killer)Teaches you how to pick things up and put them down… safely
  3. Burpee – (Total Body Killer) There’s a reason why everyone dislikes them

What does Trooper Strong mean to me?

It’s about reacting in a way that projects your determination to face obstacles, fears, and weaknesses with a relentless approach. It’s not worrying about getting hit, basically expecting it, but being ready and focus on what actions will proceed.

Trooper Reed – Reed Morgan

“Last 1 Best 1”Reed

  • NASM – CPT
  • MPH – Public Health Nutrition
  • ARC – CPR/AED/First Aid

The Trooper Reed Effect:

As both an athlete and coach, Trooper Reed always looks to challenge and progress himself and those around him to reach their health and athletic goals. In college, Reed played 4 years of varsity basketball, during which time he worked as a personal trainer and assistant strength and conditioning coach for other varsity teams. After college he managed a childhood obesity program in Harlem and the South Bronx using fitness and nutritional education to promote public health. Over the past few years, Reed has competed as an amateur boxer, coached a high school basketball team, and completed his Master’s Degree in Public Health Nutrition.

Coach Reed prioritizes technique and quality of movement to improve athletic performance. His background in youth sports allows him to tailor workouts to all training ages and skill levels, to ensure that maximum effort can be put into every rep of every set. Reed’s goal is to continually learn and progress as a strength and conditioning coach, in order to provide others with the tools and motivation they need to achieve things they may have thought they were incapable of.

What 3 exercises would Trooper Reed do for the rest of his life?

  1. Power Clean – Ultimate power development exercise, employing triple extension to move weight quickly.
  2. Deep Barbell Back Squat – Compound, full-body exercise, promoting increased hormone release, improved flexibility and lower body strength.
  3. Box Jump – Explosive plyometric exercise, allowing you to easily quantify jumping ability.

What does Trooper Strong mean to Trooper Reed?

Trooper Strong is a mentality that goes beyond the confines of the gym or athletic field. It’s having the mindset to walk into any situation, regardless of how difficult or hopeless, and find a way to work through it. It’s about consistently stepping outside your comfort zone, and being able to persevere through anxiety, through fear, and supporting those around you to do the same.